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Packages that use MultiUserGame
org.frogx.service.api The interface between Multi-User Gaming Services and game plugins. 

Uses of MultiUserGame in org.frogx.service.api

Methods in org.frogx.service.api that return MultiUserGame
 MultiUserGame MUGRoom.getGame()
          Returns the MultiUserGame which can be played within the room.

Methods in org.frogx.service.api that return types with arguments of type MultiUserGame
 java.util.Map<java.lang.String,MultiUserGame> MUGService.getSupportedGames()
          Get the games supported by the service.

Methods in org.frogx.service.api with parameters of type MultiUserGame
 void MUGManager.registerMultiUserGame(java.lang.String namespace, MultiUserGame game)
          Registers a MultiUserGame at the multi-user game plugin which handles the MUGService.
 void MUGService.registerMultiUserGame(java.lang.String namespace, MultiUserGame gameClass)
          Registers a new MultiUserGame implementation to the service.

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