Package org.frogx.service.api

The interface between Multi-User Gaming Services and game plugins.


Interface Summary
MUGManager The MUGManager is the interface for MultiUserGame plugins to register and unregister their support within MUGService components.
MUGMatch A MUGMatch provides the game logic, handles the state of the game and provides roles which can be assigned by an MUGOccupant to become a player.
MUGOccupant A Multi-User Gaming occupant represents an user who is associated with a game room.
MUGPersistenceProvider The MUGPersistenceProvider defines the data which must be provided by a storage for Multi-User Gaming services.
MUGRoom A game room on the Multi-User Gaming server manages its occupants, sends game moves, invitations, presence information,...
MUGService A Multi-User Gaming service is a XMPP component which manages game rooms and users.
MultiUserGame A MultiUserGame provides information about the implemented game and handles MUGMatch instances.

Enum Summary
MUGMatch.Status The Status of a MUGMatch is part of the game state within a MUGRoom and describes if the game is running, paused or can be configured.
MUGOccupant.Affiliation The Affiliation represents the authorization of an MUGOccupant.

Package org.frogx.service.api Description

The interface between Multi-User Gaming Services and game plugins.

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